Cube 220v Transfer Pump Kit

Cube 220V

Cube 60 has been designed by EHAD to mimic a retail fuel Dispenser, Cube 60 are used for commercial purposes only. Cube 60 is a mini fuel dispenser which is convenient and easy to install.  The Mini Fuel Dispenser is combined with electronic display, control board, 220v Pump or (can be changed to 12v /24v pump), Oval Gear Flow-meter, Four meter rubber delivery hose, Two meter inlet hose, Automatic Shutoff Fuel Nozzle with 360 degree nozzle swivel, as well as check valve.  Can only be used for aboveground tanks.

Features of the Cube 60:

  • Automatic Fuel or Litre Pre-sets
  • High accuracy Flow-meter 0.05%
  • Simple electronic Calibration capabilities
  • Stores 100 Transaction – MEMORY
  • Price indicator- Decimals can be changed
  • Simple and easy installation

EHAD Box pumps come with the Following INCLUDED:

  • 4 Meter Rubber Hose
  • Automatic TD-Auto Nozzle ¾
  • Fittings
  • DYB60 Motor
  • Inlet Hose
  • OGM-Mechanical Meter 0.05% accuracy
  • Filter and housing

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Technical Specifications

For fuelling diesel, Kerosene, not for gasoline

Mechanical seal that guarantees constant reliability, even in low temperatures.

Cast-iron pump casing treated against corrosion and paint-finished.

Vane pump with steel rotor

Bypass valve built in.

In-built 100-micron filter, easily accessible for cleaning.

Induction motor with aluminium casing. Grade of protection: IP54.

30 Min Duty Cycle

 Model: DYB60-AC220/110 DYB70-AC220 DYB80-AC220 DYB40-DC12
  Flow Rate: 20L-60L/min 20L-70L/min 20L-80L/min 20L-40L/min
  Max. Pressure: 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar
  Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz
AC110V±10% 60Hz
AC220V±10% 50Hz AC220V±10% 50Hz DC12
  By pass Valve : Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Strainer : Yes Yes Yes No
  Inlet & outlet: 1″ 1″ 1″ 3/4″
  Power: 375W 500W 550W 120W
  Package: 2pcs/carton 2pcs/carton 1pc/carton 2pc/carton
  Net Weight: 15Kg 16Kg 12Kg 7Kg
  Gross Weight: 17Kg 17Kg 13Kg 8Kg
  Dimension: 490×300×220mm 490×280×220mm 290×220×250mm 490×280×220mm

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 44 × 45 cm

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