New generation EHAD PRIME

The new generation EHAD Fuel dispenser’s marks a pristine era for EHAD with its all new Fuel dispensers’ range. The New EHAD PRIME expanding the EHAD Family with Global Dispenser Platforms offering advance technology and reliability to our customers. The Easy configuration allows customers to address their specific needs, no matter their fueling demands.

EHAD Fuel Dispensers are designed for African market giving our customers, Retailers, distributors, technician and motorist complete confidence in their fueling experience with EHAD.


Highly precise metrology

Trustable highly precise metrology equipment, high performance for electronic parts High quality explosion-proof motor with strong ability against power fluctuation Specially designed filtering systems with build-in re-cleanable filter With rich functions expansion like POS for smart card and bank card Flexible fuel application for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene etc. Works well in harsh conditions, like extremely cold, hot, humid, and sand-stormy environment.

Elegantly designed

The PRIME EHAD is elegantly designed

The PRIME EHAD is elegantly designed to stand out on any forecourt, grabbing the attention of customers. The EHAD Frame is designed to stand tall and wide making it optimal for advertising space on EHAD dispensers. During manufacturing Panels are strictly tested in salt baths, testing the quality of steal panels and frame against corrosion after assembly

Technical Specifications

Basic Configurations:

EHAD S-Series Come Standard with:

  •  >Break- always Couplings
  • > Emergency shutoff button
  • > Spare belts and Fuses.
  • > Long Flexible Suction Pipes – For in case of Earth Quakes.

The Basic configuration of the Fuel Dispensers is as follows:

Main board, power board, LED display board, keypad, control board, Gear pump, EX motor, flow meter, solenoid valve, electromagnetic counter , filter, nozzle, hose, sight glass.

Technical specifications:

Accuracy for the unit ±0.25%
Flow rate 45L/min
Ambient temperature -25℃~ +55℃; -40℃~ +50℃
Relative humidity 20% – 95%
Unit noise rate < 70dB (A);
Inlet vacuum rate for   suction pump ≧54kPa
Communication With RS 485 port, or current loop
Power supply AC 220V(   -15%~+10%),(50/60±1)Hz;

AC 380V( -15%~+10%); (50/60±1)Hz

Digit of sale 7digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Digit of volume 6digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Digit of unit price 5digits (decimal points can be adjusted )
Totalizer of sale 0~42949672.95
Totalizer of volume 0~42949672.95

Model Range        

  • PRIME EH52
  • PRIME EH 56
  • PRIME EH 65

Flow Meter

High-precision metering device FM-500 was independently developed and manufactured based on advanced technologies from Europe and America as per international metering standards OIMLR117 and OIMLR118.

The “Top inlet and bottom outlet” is adopted to control the strokes of link assembly.

Its piston is made of arctic-climate resistant material, and is fitted with a built-in spring leaf as support. The steel jacket structure of single-piece piston guarantees stable running and long lifespan. Its critical processes are implemented by global-function numerical control equipment and machining centres, ensuring high machining accuracy and dimensional uniformity;

EHAD flow meters are widely used throughout the world due its stable performance upholding a world class reputation.

Item Description
Volume/cycle 0.5L
Working pressure ≤0.30MPa
Flow range 5-50L/Min for standard duty
70 L/Min for heavy duty
Accuracy maximum allowed error ≤±0.20%
repetitive error ≤0.10%
Minimum measurement maximum allowed error ≤±0.30%
repetitive error ≤0.13%
Adjusted range ±1%
Working life 10,000,000L
Ambient humidity 20%~95%


Gear Pump

Advanced gear type design effectively improves the reliability and efficiency of the pump unit.  The unique process workmanship makes sure the consistency and reliability of gears performance. The wide range double pivot bearing effectively change the force pressure positions on running parts, further improve the working reliability and lifetime of the gear pump.

A double built-in filter purifies petroleum fuel excellently. This Built-in device can avoid the vapour out to ensure more reliable performance. The EHAD Gear Pump is a Compact structure & layout with easy maintenance. The Gear pump allows for there to be No easy-worn parts, reducing the maintenance cost.

The Gear Pump smart construction allows for a low Noise less than 68dB giving your customers the best fuelling experience.

Item Description
Application medium Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene for standard duty, diesel for heavy duty only
Pressure 0.20MPa for standard duty, 0.25MPa for heavy duty
Suction 5 meter
Inlet filter 100µm
Outlet filter 30µm


Vapour Recovery

Stage II Vapour Recovery, card reader payment, double swivel, printer, and heater for ultra-low temperature, shutoff valve for remote dispenser, standard electronics interface to POS and automation fuel management system, Tag Readers, Printers, Submersible Type Configuration.

This impartial vapour recovery pumping device is set up within the fuel dispenser pump that is a great deal more versatile for distinctive assistance station, primarily for little dimension station. The client can pick the volume of vapour pumps for partial dispenser’s models within the station.

Main Advantages:

  • One vapour pump for 1 nozzle, or feasible mixture together.
  • One vapour pump can perform itself, without disturbance to other fuel dispensers
  • Flexible repair, without effect the functioning of other pumps.
  • Enough room for set up of vapour pump
  • Independent vapour pump
  • Two versions for impartial vapour pump :
  • VRP-100-1: for one nozzle
  • VRP-100-2: for two nozzles

Break Away

It is installed on fuel dispensing hoses, they will separate at the designed pull force, reducing expensive damage to the dispenser and piping system. Internal dual valves close automatically during separation, stopping the flow of fuel from both the dispenser and the separated hose, reducing environmental and health risks of potential spilled fuel

Basic Parameters 

Diameter Thread Max. Pull Flow Range Weight
3/4’’ NPT 250LBS 5~50L/Min 0.28kg
1’’ NPT 300LBS 5~80L/Min 0.32kg


Adopted to ensure reliable performance

The main board is mainly composed of a central processing unit (CPU), a memory, an input/output (I/O) interface circuit, and a logic drive circuit etc., connected to peripheral equipment via the interface circuit. For the design of the circuit board, many reliable designs and anti-interference designs are adopted to ensure reliable performance of the EHAD dispenser. In the circuit design, many filtering components are used to ensure that the Fuel station can work normally for a long time in harsh environments.

EHAD L2 – Main Board is Subjected to IFSF(International Forecourt Standardisation Forum) – an international standard group of European Oil Societies(keepers of fuel pump stations) defining and publishing technology standards for pump station equipment in order to reach compatibility among devices of various producers.

One EHAD l2- Main board can be used to power One to Eight Nozzle Fuel Dispensers. The EHAD main board can self-diagnose and be easily updated.

The main board is the control core of the fuel dispenser, controlling all the functions of the fuel dispenser. Its working voltages are 5V and 12V DC power. Its output signals are motor and solenoid valve control signals, display signals, loudspeaker signals, etc .The program on the main board rectifies, computes, processes and saves various signals, produces various corresponding commands and control data ;And sends these commands and control data to peripheral board circuits, so the fuel dispenser works according to designated requirements.

The Strong Computing EHAD main board stores transaction on its build in memory. This is used to eliminate and problems with lost transactions during power failures or Fuel Management system lost connections. During a power or Fuel Management system lost connection, The CPU stores transactions and sends them once connections are regained.

L2- main Board Futures

  • > Set Specific work Days for Fuel Dispenser to Function.
  • > Set Specific hours During the Day that the Dispenser is active.
  • > On Board tagging.
  • > Pre-set Values can be entered or pre-programmed to be selected.
  • > Change Flow rate via keypad.
  • >The high quality measurement;
  • > Integrated Electronic Calibration of meters (EC);
  • >Automatic Temperature Compensation of fuel (ATC).
  • > Many expanded interfaces (support and connect printer, IC card, ID card, vapour recovery system, site system with RS85/CURRENT LOOP standard, etc.)
  • > The I2 calculator controls all functions necessary for dispenser operation and no other electronic devices are needed.
  • > Inputs/outputs defined for the whole calculator (or dispenser) – Site controller communication interface (RS485/LON/CURRENT LOOP) – Connect to barcode receipt printer – Connect to ATG (auto tank gauge)  – Connect to heater for the computer box

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