Ehad | Range of Fuel Dispensers

The New Generation EHAD Fuel Dispensers is designed for the African market with local and international accreditation. The New Generation ranges showcase innovative technology in the petroleum industry.

EHAD Classic 10

Single Hose

  • Retail / Commercial
  • Hoses available 1
  • 1 Product
  • Suction/ Dispenser type
  • Standard/ High-Flow
  • Commercial
  •  Stainless steel body
  •  Lockable Operation door
  •  On/ Off Switch
  •   Long Flexible Suction Pipes – For in case of Earthquakes or easy installations.

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The QUALITY OF OUR SUPPORT is unmatched. We take support and product back-up further by tailoring our services & support according to your specific requirements and request.

EHAD products comprise of WORLD CLASS EQUIPMENT and TECHNOLOGY that are internationally tested and used, giving you peace of mind.


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